There is a great divide in today’s world between those who accept and embrace technology and those who do not. This article will look at those two main oppositions and discuss why some people choose to use today’s technology while others shy away from it.
If you are over the age of twenty-five, then technology was probably very rare when you were growing up, my first phone was basically a brick and the only tweeting I knew about where the noises that birds made. I, like so many others, come from a generation of tree climbing, skinned knees and using your imagination, instead of your iPad.

Many studies have been dedicated to deciphering what technology is doing to our children and whether we should be encouraging or discouraging the use of it on a regular basis. One study is particular showed evidence of loss of communication when children who were objected to screens as opposed to those who weren’t, arguing that technology, although used for communication, can influence the way we communicate face to face, with unfortunate side effects. But every pancake has two sides, other studies have been undertaken to observe the benefits of technology and how it can possibly help people. Co-ordination and multi-tasking have been significantly improved with children who play video games and there is even a huge market forming for children’s learning games on things like the iPad or higher technolgy that offering quality remote desktop computer.

Technology is also being introduced into retirement homes, as virtual gaming can be a stimulating way for the elderly to enjoy sports without having to risk injury.

So what do you do? Implore your children to actively learn this technology from an early age or discourage them, send them outside to play with their friends.

Unfortunately there is no conclusive answer, there are good and bad effects of both. But the way I see it, times change and whether we like it or not, so does technology. We are a race that has survived for so long because we can adapt. So whether our kids want you to buy an iPad with iPad cases and covers or a new PS4 with a PS4 cover case or you just want to buy pebble watches, don’t be afraid of technology, our world is moving into a technological era and if you choose not to incorporate it into your life then there is a good chance that you will be left behind.

Because schools and workplaces are beginning to not only use but also rely on technology and IT services in Melbourne, it has become a necessity in everyday life. And if you are sceptical about incorporating it into your life, then I would advise you try and see how it can make your life easier, because in the end, that is exactly what technology is here for.