The development of telecommunication and technology started with the industrial revolution that took place in the eighteenth century. It was the era where there were wars taking place all over the world and therefore, a necessity to communicate with each other regarding war tactics and government secrets through trustworthy sources became evident. This therefore led to the discovery of great telecommunicating inventions as well as modern equipment’s relating to communication. Positive effects of the development of communication. Ability to keep in touch with people in distance.

The development of communication has led to many great things in the modern world. At present a person living in the US can keep in touch with a friend who is living in Australia through home network cabling. This is where you get a direct internet connection to the devices at your home through a cable, or the local telephone connection. Where as in the past you might have to write a letter to a colleague and wait for months to receive a reply from them. The availability of the internet accessing from home has also opened gates to many social network sites which helps you keep in touch with friends. New job opportunities related to telecommunication.

In the past providing jobs for every citizen who has a qualification was a difficult task as there was not many companies. However, due to the development of technology and communication, there has arose many new job opportunities to modern world individuals. Few of the job opportunities that have arose as a result are phone line technician Melbourne, Network engineers, it engineers, Technical supporters, data collectors, and technical research analysts. Increased the opportunities for new findings.

The greatest advantage of the development of communication is taken and implemented by scientists. Scientists can do their researches about the universe and the solar system and continue their outer space missions successfully due to the modern inventions. Scientists can communicate using satellites and radio to those outer space scientists. This has lead to the finding of many important information regarding mankind and evolution.

Another field that have developed greatly due to the development of technology is the field of medicine. Doctors and researchers have successfully found solution to many diseases that have been dominating the lives of people. While it might have taken years in the past to find a medicine for a disease, at present the process of finding a cure takes few months with proper knowledge and technology.However, we always should remember that while the use of technology for positive activities Is beneficial, technology in bad hands may result in destruction and bad repercussions.